Dan Zhang

Researcher. Engineer. Entrepreneur.

Hi, I'm Dan. I like to build things and eat BBQ.

About Me

I'm working on my PhD in computer architecture advised by Derek Chiou at The University of Texas at Austin. My research currently lies in improving hardware design and simulation productivity. Aside from my research, I am interested in microarchitecture and multicore computing. I also occasionally work on random software projects, generally for hackathons. Feel free to send me your inquiries over email.

My Articles

How to Make Great-tasting Instant Ramen Huffington Post
Analyzing Google's Project Ara Forbes
PhDs for Entrepreneurs Medium

My Hacks

TreeHacks, Best Use of Meta - ChallengePost Spring 2015
PennApps, Best Wearable Health Hack, Best Use of Sensoria Hardware - ChallengePost Spring 2015
Amadeus HACK@1050, Entrepreneurial Prize + Category Runner-up - Slides Fall 2014
HackTX, Top 10 Finalist - Chrome Store Fall 2014
HackTX, Second Place - Website Fall 2013
Microsoft WOWZAPP, Second Place - Video Fall 2012
Ebay@UT, Third Place Fall 2012

My Awards

Quora Top Writer 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
UT BeagleBoard Design Challenge, Third Place Spring 2011
AMD Design Competition, First Place Spring 2008

My Internships

CPU Front-End Design Summer 2015
Project Catapult - Wired Article Summer 2014
"Isaiah II" Front-End Architecture Summer 2013
Parallel Computing Lab Summer 2011
Jaketown Power Arch Summer 2010
Larrabee Performance Validation Summer 2009
GT2xx Validation & Performance Architecture Summer 2008
Nehalem Performance Architecture Summer 2007

My Projects

Evolving a Better Branch Predictor - GitHub Embedded System Design @ UT, Fall 2010
uArch-Directed Global Power Management - BitBucket Multicore Computing @ UT, Spring 2010
Hybrid CPU/GPU SAT Solver Comp Parallelism & Locality @ UT, Fall 2009
Autonomous Barbie Jeep Design of Microprocessor-based Systems @ UMich, Spring 2009
A 1GHz Custom-Logic 16-bit DSP for Multimedia Applications EECS427 VLSI I @ UMich, Spring 2008
Profile-Directed Software Prefetching Back-end Compilers @ UMich, Fall 2007
Duchess: an Out-of-Order Alpha CPU Computer Architecture @ UMich, Fall 2006